Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have any Cisco Certified Network Associates on staff?
Yes, GPL Integrated IT employs individuals with multiple levels of Cisco, HP, Sophos, SANS and Microsoft Certifications.

Are you a stocking retailer? My switch just died and no one can work. How long will it take for you to fix it?
GPL Integrated IT maintains Cisco, SonicWall, and HP demonstration equipment on site, for loan to our SLA* customers that are in need of an emergency replacement.

Our ability to perform Emergency Restoration* of Cisco Wireless AP's, Cisco Wireless Network Controllers, Cisco/HP Switches and optical fiber/Copper network lines allows the IT managers we work with to sleep easier at night.
If you don't have an SLA with GPL Integrated IT, there may be a service contract on your equipment that you don't know about. Feel free to contact us with your device information. We can look for any service contracts you may have and help get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Where are you located?
GPL Integrated IT is located along the New York State border with Pennsylvania. We are in Elmira, NY, a small town mid way between Buffalo and New York City. GPL Integrated IT services accounts in State College, Erie, Allentown, Scranton, Morristown, Albany, Syracuse, Olean, Elmira, Corning, Sayre, and Buffalo. We'd like to service your account too. Contact us, we'll let you know if we have a representative near your location.

My Cisco support Contract has expired, can you help?
GPL Integrated IT can help you renew your support contracts and licenses. We are often called upon to help organizations, from Hospitals to small businesses, figure out the least expensive way to license software and purchase support contracts. We can help you with SMARTnet and Smart Care support from Cisco Systems. We can also help you purchase extended support contracts from HP, Dell, Lenovo, and many other manufacturers. Contact us, we're here to help.

Sophos? Why am I hearing so much about Sophos lately?
Everyone has been talking about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the internet of things for a few years. And, now that we've been encouraging people to BYOD and connect everything to everything we've learned some lessons. We've learned that protecting our devices the same old way doesn't work. If your business is growing, you’re adding workers and buying new computers. You may also be using consumer-grade PC security that just dosen’t cut it. Enterprise-class options that require specific IT training to deploy and manage aren’t always appropriate solutions either. How can you get the right security for your business? SOPHOS. That's why you're hearing so much about SOPHOS. It isn't a common household name but it's quickly becoming the name to know amongst business owners and IT Professionals.

Contact GPL Integrated IT for information about SOPHOS Anti Virus, Unified Threat Management, SG Series Appliances, Secure VPN, Secure Web Gateway, Secure Email Gateway and Web Application Firewall.

Do you require us to sign a support contract before you'll help us?
No. Our experience, from cleaning up after companies that lock businesses in contracts, has shown that local computer companies require contracts for two main reasons.

First, the local computer company doesn’t have the capabilities you need. Locking your company to a service contract allows them to offer poor service, and charge you while they learn. It’s a sure bet you’re going to call them again when you have thousands of non-refundable dollars in an "account". Let's face it, they already have your money, you’re going to call them again and they know it.

Second, support contracts are an easy way to pad your monthly invoice. We know, no one wants to think it’s true, but most corporations receiving a monthly “zero balance due” invoice never question the hours listed on the invoice. A contract allows the computer repair company to send you a zero dollar monthly invoice, and only an occasional request for additional prepaid hours. If you buy enough hours you’ll be able to save money. Right? Wrong! The more hours you buy, the longer your time between scrutinized purchases and the more the computer company can pad your invoice. Pre-Paid support contracts, from local repair shops aren’t in anyones best interest.

Your IT service provider should be a trusted advisor. That can only happen when your service provider understands your business needs and understands what the critical success and failure points for your business users are. Armed with this understanding of your business and your business needs, GPL Integrated IT can then help you make the critical decisions that are right for your business. This can't be forced by locking your business into a prepayment schedule. Trust must be earned, it can't be forced. GPL Integrated IT doesn’t ask you to pre-pay for services. Actually just the opposite, our monthly invoices are electronic, and come with a button that says “contest invoice”. Any customer can hit that button and let us know why they disagree with our invoice.