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Secure Online Banking is Easier with ZeusGard.

ZeusGard is a bootable, USB secure browsing environment developed by Secure Information Devices, Inc. and Bancsec, Inc. in response to the growing number of malware attacks on consumers and businesses, compromising their electronic funds, passwords, and personal information.

For many years I've been an advocate of using "Live CD" for online banking. It's a simple approach to securing your machine for online transactions. The “Live CD” approach allows you to safely bank online from any machine — even from a system that is already riddled with malware. That’s because Live CD lets you boot your existing PC into an entirely different, non-Windows, operating system. The problem with the Live CD approach is that most of our clients computers no longer come equipped with a CD drive. This new device works through a USB port and no longer requires a CD drive.

The new device, called ZeusGard, is a small, silver USB flash drive that boots into a usable browser within about half a minute of starting your machine. The non-writeable drive boots directly into the browser (on Debian Linux), and if your system is hard-wired to your router with an Ethernet connection, you should be ready to perform your transactions.

If you need to use Wi-Fi a tiny USB Wi-Fi adapter, which makes hopping onto a wireless network     extremely easy is available for 14.95 from the makers of ZeusGard. When you boot up with both ZeusGard and the adapter plugged in, ZeusGard knows to search for available wireless networks, and asks you to choose your network from a list of those in range. Assuming access to your wireless network is secured with WPA/WPA2, not WEP, click the “properties” box next to your network, and enter your network’s encryption key (if you need to see the key in plain text while you’re typing, tick the box next to “key”). Hit “OK” and then the “Connect” button. Once you’re connected, click the down arrow at the top of the dialog box and select “Exit to Browser Session.”

That's it! You're ready for simple secure online banking from any computer.

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